About Jack Thomas, Owner/Operator


I officially established Bead Runner Welding Service in 2016, upon my retirement from 20 years of active service in the United States Air Force. Although it was only recently made official with the acquisition of a fixed location (shop) in Tye, Texas, mobile operations started and have been widely available since 2009. I did so with the intent of dedicating myself to the profession after separation from the USAF. During my career in the Air Force, I spent most of my time employed as a Bomber Crew Chief, i.e. lead mechanic/technician, specializing primarily in structural, hydraulic system, electrical system and propulsion system inspection, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. Prior to my enlistment, I spent time as a machinist for Rineer Manufacturing in Boerne, TX. I worked in the research and development department, building prototype components for various clientele under strict quality control and machining tolerances as close as 0.003 without the aid of computerized machines. With additional experience in auto mechanics as well as heavy equipment operation and maintenance, my combined experience lends very well to the expansive capabilities provided by Bead Runner Welding Service. I'm not just a welder; I take pride in calling myself a Professional, Weldor, and Technician who can fix or create just about anything.